What is common among Victoria Memorial, the Shaheed Minar, GPO, Jadavpur University, St. Xavier's College, Tata Centre, Shriram Arcadeā€¦ all these famous landmarks are built by the Martin Burn Group.

Martin Burn has constructed almost all that Kolkatans proudly pronounce.

Keeping parity with their legacy of developing Kolkata with the global standards they have now come up with Martin Burn Business Park, the ultimate in modern commercial building.

18 storied Martin Burn Business Park, designed by eminent architect Mr. J P Agrawal, will serve as the gate way of Salt Lake Sector V, the corporate corridor of Kolkata. It provides all amenities to improve the efficiency of modern competitive business. The Green Certified commercial paradise will surely act as best eco-friendly workstation to give a fresher air to breathe for all those who have vowed to make India the largest global economy.